Trip to the Vet – an update

Hi Everyone,  I can’t believe it’s almost the weekend! I thought I would just give you all a quick update. If you watch my YouTube channel, you will hopefully have seen the video update my Mum did this morning. If not, I will break it down for you quick. I had a trip to the vet yesterday to see a Bulldog Specialist. As you know, I have been suffering with allergies which have been getting worse and worse. My Mum has been trying everything to fix me, even changing my food (yet again!) but nothing has been helping. Two nights ago my face was driving me so crazy, I scratched myself raw until I was bleeding. You should have seen my Mums face when she saw me. I felt quite bad for scaring her like that. 

Firstly, I must tell you that I love going in for a trip to the vet. It’s not so much that I love the vet himself (although he is a lovely man), but I love being in the car and I am always up for an adventure. Yesterday I got ushered in the back door, skipping past all the other dogs in the waiting room (they must have been so jealous of me and my star treatment). Doctor Trevor had a look at my poor face and said that I am suffering from environmental allergies. If it were something I was eating, he said I would have a reaction all over my body, but as its mostly in my eyes, nose and ears, he said its the environment. This is a tricky one, cause as you know I live in the countryside. 

trip to the vet english bulldog lincoln's world dog rescue
What on earth could be causing these allergies?

Everyday, I run through grass and mud and all sorts of things. I love being outside and I love exploring. When he was telling my Mum it’s environmental, I was so scared that I would have to change my lifestyle. Luckily, that’s not the case. I am on a course of strong antibiotics, as well as some eye drops to try and sort out the reaction that I have had. Hopefully this will clear up my face cause it’s quite embarrassing having these problems when you have to be on camera every day (I know, first world problems!). Doctor Trevor thinks this should clear it up for me, but there is a possibility I will have to take allergy medication afterwards for the rest of my life. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that! 

trip to the vet lincoln's world rescue dog english bulldog
How amazing is my ball?

A trip to the vet almost always means a stop at the pet store on the way home. My pawrents always let me choose a toy (I think it’s because they feel guilty about me having to go to the vet). Yesterday I got an awesome toy! The thing I like most about this toy is it inspires me to go crazy, shaking it all about. We got an Amazon delivery yesterday and this is what I did to it (I’m not even sorry!).

lincoln's world trip to the vet english bulldog

One of the side effects of the anti biotics I am on is I am sleeping more than usual. I know you must be wondering how that could possibly be true, but it is. I am going to make this most of this sleepy time and get some much needed rest. Have a wonderful weekend everyone and thanks for reading. Lots and lots of sleepy love xxx

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