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Top 20 Finalists – 2018 Doggy Calendar Competition

Hi Everyone. As you know, we have been running a 2018 Doggy Calendar Competition with our dear friends over at The Dogs With Me. We had so many entries! I am not sure on the exact number of entries but I believe it was well over four thousand. How crazy is that? What a job it was for us to choose our Top 20 finalists – we wanted to keep all the gorgeous dogs in. We finally managed to narrow it down, and here they are…


lincoln's world top 20 finalists the dogs with me

We are so relieved that our part is now done and it is up to the public to vote for their favourite dog. Voting is taking place on the Lincoln’s World Facebook page and The Dogs With Me Facebook page.  To vote, simply head to our Facebook pages, look for the pinned photo album with all these gorgeous photos in, and “like” the dog you want to win. You can share the post, tag your friends and remember to vote on both pages to double your chances. 

The Top 11 Dogs will be getting a photo shoot with my pawrents, H&L Photography. The photo shoot will take place in the Bath area on Saturday the 30th of September. What a fun day that is going to be! My Mum is so excited to meet all these cute pups, it’s quite embarrassing. Now you are probably wondering why my gorgeous mug didn’t make it into the Top 20 Finalists. Have you heard of nepotism? Me and the gorgeous Ari from The Dogs With Me have already guaranteed our spots in the calendar. My Dad has been making me practice my modelling for this upcoming shoot. 

lincoln's world english bulldog rescue dog
I’m not sure this is my best angle Dad…

Firstly, I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who entered the competition and to everyone who has already voted. We were honestly overwhelmed by the response and because of this we hope we can make this an annual thing. Lots of love and slobbery kisses xxx

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