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This week in review – what I’ve been up to

Hello Everyone, I hope you are all having an amazing weekend. I know I have been really quiet lately, but this week has been really busy for me. I thought I would give you all a quick update on what I have been doing. If you watch my YouTube channel, you will know that we have been building an Airbnb (remember when I helped my dad build a bed? watch here). Well, our Airbnb is almost ready to go live, which is really exciting for us. There has been endless amounts of work going into that this week. I have been supervising non stop, and honestly it has been quite exhausting. 



The most exciting thing that has happened this week is we launched our 2018 Doggy Calendar Competition that we are doing with The Dogs With Me.  If you haven’t entered, please go to this post to read all about it. We have had so many adorable entries, so most nights I have been sitting up looking at all the gorgeous pics, wondering how we will ever choose a top 20. I am so glad the final 10 will be up to the public vote. There is just too much cuteness for me to handle. 

this week doggy calendar competition lincoln's world the dogs with me


I’ve also been working a lot on my fitness lately. When I first moved in with my pawrents, I was walking five minutes a day. We have been slowly increasing that and now I am running sometimes twice a day with my Mum. I love being a couch potato more than anything but I get a little irritable if I don’t get out and get my exercise in. We are also working on running off the lead, which I love! More off the lead time Mum. 


My dad sent my old K-9 harness back as he didn’t feel like it was a good fit on me. My new one arrived this week and we love it! Not only does it make me look tough and manly, it makes my Mum feel more secure as they are very easy to grab hold of. I have the IDC power harness so it’s extra tough. My Mum also finds it easier to get it on me as I think its a game when she’s tries to get it on and usually will keep running away from her – she loves this game! We have ordered custom name tags for my harness, but those take a couple weeks to arrive. I will definitely send out some photos once my “Lincoln” tags arrive. 


I found an amazing dog trail this week whilst out exploring with my Mum. There are just so many places around where we live for us to explore and the new dog trail is definitely one of my favourites. A beautiful trail, just for dogs! It took us less than ten minutes to walk to this trail from our house. There is even a little shallow bit of the stream where I got to go in and play – too much fun for this bulldog! 


My pawrents got me a new sofa bed. The reason they got this for me is because I keep catching my nails on the sofa. Well, to say the sofa bed has changed my life is an understatement! It is so incredibly comfortable and it’s my new go-to for day time napping. Also, I think it’s about time we established ownership of the couch… I get half the couch and my pawrents get to share the other half between the two of them. It works out well. 

this week lincoln's world sofa bed rescue dog
As you can see, it’s good for sleeping in and playing in.


My YouTube channel is really starting to gain momentum. I am currently getting about 2,200 views a day. That’s insane! I start every day off by reading the comments from the previous day and replying to everyone. It amazes me how many people take the time to comment on my videos. My favourite part about it is when people tell me that my videos have made them smile that day. What a wonderful feeling that is! I post a short video every day, and two videos on Wednesdays and Sundays. We try to keep the videos below four minutes because we know everyone has busy lives.  If you haven’t subscribed to my channel, please wont you hit that subscribe button

I hope you have all enjoyed this week as much as I have. I am making the most of the weekend by sleeping continuously. I hope your week ahead is a good one. Thanks so much for reading. Lots of love and slobbery kisses xxx

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