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Raw Food Diaries – Lincoln’s journey

Hey Everyone, I hope you are doing well. I know I have been really quiet lately. It’s mainly because my Mum has been really busy with her BnB and hasn’t had enough time to type out my blog for me. She says I keep her busy enough running my YouTube channel. I have recently emBARKed on a new journey… a raw food journey. I thought I would share some of my reasons behind this with you, as well as what I have noticed so far. 

raw food
Five Months progress photos

If you have been following along on my YouTube Channel (I post videos every day, so make sure to subscribe) you will know that we got the results of my allergy tests. For some crazy reason, the Vet didn’t test me for food allergies, but all my other tests came back negative. My Mum was super frustrated and turned to google to try to find some answers. She decided that I must have a yeast infection. She spent a lot of time sniffing my feet – does anyone else’s Mum do weird things like that? 

So my Mum did a lot of research and came up with two solutions;


After watching a YouTube video by Dr. Becker (a holistic vet), my Mum started giving me foot soaks, which consist of water, white vinegar and a dash of Peroxide. The best part of all of this is the butt scratches and massages I get whilst I am soaking. We started off doing this with a small tub, but it was super boring doing one foot at a time. So, now my Mum fills the bath tub and I just stand in there for about fifteen minutes at a time. We do the long soaks every couple of days and then my Mum sprays this solution on my feet. My feet no longer smell like Fritos, which I find disappointing (who doesn’t love Fritos??), but I must admit it’s great not feeling itchy all the time. 


My Mum started researching Raw Food companies here in the UK. I have tried Raw Food before, but it didn’t work out too well. I couldn’t stand the smell of it, and it just didn’t agree with me. My Mum finally came across Honey’s Real Dog Food. A few things made them stand out above the rest;

  • They are a small, family run company. 
  • You have to answer questions about your pup before they will give you a quote
  • The food is personalized to suit your dog’s needs, instead of a “one size fits all” solution

We spoke to this lovely lady, Victoria, about my Yeast Infection and unfortunately my Mum told her I need to drop a little weight. So, she suggested that I go on a vegetable free diet until the yeast has cleared up. When I heard I was going on a calorie restricted diet, I was devastated and already conjuring up all kinds of plans on how to sneak in some extra treats. 

raw food
Look at all that stuff!!

Honey’s has some amazing offers for first time customers. We opted for the one week free food. We got so many goodies in our first delivery! My Mum is still reading the Honey’s Natural Feeding Handbook for Dogs, which is packed full of useful information. I am also obsessed with the Beautiful Joe’s Ethical Dog Treats! Um delicious! 

I am on four different types of proteins – Venison, Duck, Pork and Beef. I am avoiding chicken due to my sensitivities. Each day, I try a different protein and as I am on Day Five today, I have been through them all. Venison has been my most favorite and Pork my least favorite. I also got some knuckle bones, which are amazing. I love sitting and chewing them for ages and my Mum says it really calms me down a lot. 

Things we have noticed in five days of being on a raw food diet;

  • I have been very calm and content. Both my pawrents have noticed a change in my temperament (I was pretty chilled out to begin with though).
  • I no longer cry for more food. The last time we tried Raw, I would sit next to the kibble container and cry until my Mum gave me some. 
  • I have not tried to steal any treats.
  • My poops are tiny and very well-formed.
  • I hardly ever toot, but when I do, my pawrents have to go stand outside. 
  • I am still itching, but I have stopped taking Apoquel (today is Day 9 medication free). 

Do you feed your pups raw? I would love to hear your experiences. Thanks so much for reading and be sure to stay tuned to my YouTube channel to see how I progress. 

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