Pet peeves – the things that drive Lincoln CRAZY

Hello Everybody. I hope you had a pawsome weekend. Mine was great. I spent the majority of Saturday sleeping (isn’t that what weekends are for?) and then on Sunday my pawrents decided to have a BBQ and invited our friend Rachel around. I love Rachel. She has the perfect lap for sitting on. I thought I would talk to you today about my pet peeves, so I have compiled this list for you.

pet peeves english bulldog rescue lincoln's world
Saturday should be called Nap-urday!


I mean, how dare they? Why on earth would they even want to leave without their favourite little man? Surely I am the centre of their universe? It’s not called Lincoln’s World for nothing. I do behave really well when they leave the house, so maybe I should work on that a little. Throwing tantrums is very tiring work though. 

Me caught on the SpyCam waiting for my pawrents to come home.


Who doesn’t like a good old fashion game of catch? Playing catch with your four legged friend really stimulates their natural prey drive. The problem with laser pointers is there is no closure to the chase. We can never catch the light and it really messes with our heads and can even lead to OCD. My pawrents have never played with me with a laser but they have definitely noticed how flashes of light and shadows make me crazy. I may or may not have left permanent scratch marks on the bathroom door when a truck drove past. My Mum is always closing the blinds and trying to get rid of shadows so I can calm down a bit because she worries I will hurt myself. I do go a little bit crazy. If you would like to read more, check out this article from the American Kennel Club.

Grubber Ball
This is what I like to play fetch with. I love this ball!


I don’t have a very large garden so I would prefer to keep it to myself. I like the birds that visit us daily and have no problem with them. Julian, however, is a problem – he is one of my biggest pet peeves. He mocks me with his athleticism. He’s always climbing up the bird feeder and doing all types of acrobatics. I see the way Mum giggles when she sees him and I do not like it one bit. It doesn’t help that he is extremely fast and I will never be able to catch up with him. I think I must nap for comfort. 

Look at him showing off his agility and co-ordination! No one cares Julian!!!

Does your dog have any pet peeves? I would love to know in the comments section below. Thanks so much for reading and for joining me on my adventures. If you have a friend who might enjoy this blog, please do share with them (there is a share button just below). 

Love and slobbery kisses,




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