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July Favourites – Lincoln’s new favourites

Hi Everyone, I can’t believe another month has passed and it’s already time for my July Favourites list. What a tough job it was for me to put this list together. So many amazing things have happened in this past month, and I am sure I have forgotten a couple of them from this list. 


This has to be one of the best things ever for me. My pawrents have made it their company policy that when they do their photo shoots, I go with them. I really do hate to miss out on all the fun so this change has made me very happy. I also have a very good eye and think I have already proven my worth on the two shoots I have assisted on. In addition to that, I found the location for our second shoot. Honestly, what would my pawrents ever do without me?

lincoln's world rescue dog english bulldog July favourites
Making sure Dad does it right. I have an eagle eye.


I did write an entire post on this one. It’s so wonderful to have a dog friendly pub lunch nearby where we live. I love going for brunch with my pawrents and meeting new people. Also, the staff at Rivo Lounge are so amazing to me and spoil me rotten. It had to make my July Favourites list, and will probably be on the next list too 😉


We got a new hammock for me to ride in in the car. I never really felt safe in the car, but now when I get in the hammock, I have this overwhelming urge to roll around. It’s just so much fun to be in the car now. I really love car rides. Mainly short ones! 

lincoln's world lincoln the bulldog rescue dog july favorites
Click to learn more about my hammock


I am not sure why this took me so long to implement but we have a new way of getting me into my bed every night. Firstly, it saves me time and energy as I don’t have to walk myself. And secondly, my Dad is such a big softie and then spends ages with me, cuddling to “say sorry” for moving me. It’s a win win for me. 


This is probably the best one on the July Favourites list. I have finally settled into my new home and feel safe and secure. This has given me so much confidence. I have started walking off the lead every now and then. My Mum still has to make sure there are no other scary dogs around before she lets me off, but we have been having a lot of fun on our walks lately. Also, it now feels more like I am taking her for a walk as I like to lead the way. Here’s a video of me, off the lead chasing around after a big stick. A few weeks ago, I would have never gone that far from my Mum.

What have been your July favourites? Was there a story/photo/video that you liked that didn’t make it to this list? Please let me know. Thanks so much for reading everyone, I am off to start creating memories for my August list. Love and slobbery kisses xxx

July favourites

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  1. Was LQQKING forward to your July Report Mr. Lincoln!!! The dog friendly pub sound’s like a Winner too….I just had to laugh at the staff spoiling you…as if you aren’t ALREADY SUPER SPOILED now Big boy…LOL !!! Love how to hear how your Dad Henry takes the time to stay with you when he moves you to your bed fo rthe night and he loves on you till you ready to go play with The Sand Man!! And by now i’m sure you have realized your Mom Laura will ALWAYS be protecting you…..Mom’s are just that way and doesn’t matter if you have gray hairs in your beautiful coat, Mom will be right there to make sure ALL is Doggy-satisfactory safe!! That’s just what loving Mom’s Do! Cheers from Ohio Master Lincoln and give a slobbery kiss to your Pawrents!!!

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