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Home Remedies – a trip to the vet or a trip to the pantry?

I know I have been terrible at writing my blog lately. It’s mainly because I am a Bulldog and you know how we prefer sleep and food over anything and everything. I have also been working really hard on my YouTube Channel, which takes up a lot of my time and energy. I get a surprising number of emails every day from lovely people asking my advice, so I thought I would sit and write to you all about a couple of the home remedies I have found that seem to be working. My Mum technically found them, but that’s just details. 

home remedies
Who has time for work?

As some of you probably know, I have been struggling a lot with allergies lately. After a few very frustrating (and costly!) trips to the vet, my Mum came to a decision. Basically, the vet had tested me for everything under the sun except food allergies and his only advice was to put me on a daily dose of Apoquel for the rest of my life. Ok, I must be honest, I was pretty happy to hear this news, as my Mum uses Peamutt Butter to trick me into taking the Apoquel. I always need more Peamutt Butter! My pawrents both decided that they were going to look for home remedies instead. It just didn’t sit well with them that they would keep giving me whatever it was that was causing this reaction and treat it with medication. The vet himself said he was not sure of the long term side effects of being on this drug indefinitely. Also, a daily dose of Apoquel for me costs £63 a month ($83). Thats £756 a year! On medication. (We should spend that amount on balls instead!!)

lincoln's world balls home remedies english bulldog rescue
Clearly I don’t have enough balls…


As you may have read, from my previous post, I have started on a Raw Food diet. I have seen some amazing benefits being on the raw diet. Have you seen my fur lately? Not to brag, but I seriously glisten now. We are still playing around with getting my diet right and figuring out which proteins work and which ones don’t, but basically the majority of my allergies have now cleared up. I don’t take Apoquel anymore (saving up that ball money!). Please take it from a very happy little Bulldog, don’t believe the hype about Apoquel. Everyone is calling it the miracle drug, and yes, it does do exactly what it says it does. But, surely we should be treating the cause, not the symptoms? Please try to find out what it is that is causing the itching and treating that instead of turning to Apoquel.

Disclaimer – I am not a veterinarian, nor do I have any medical training. I am an English Bulldog. I am just talking from my own experience. 


A few months ago, I started obsessively licking my paws and even chewing on them. It was driving my Mum nuts! So, she did what she always does and turned to the Google. She found an amazing holistic vet named Dr. Karen Becker. She has a really awesome YouTube Channel (hey Dr. Becker, my Mum is responsible for like 98% of all your views). Dr. Becker has this awesome video on Yeast Infections. My Mum sniffed my feet (that was a weird moment) and decided I had the infamous “Frito Feet” (when your dogs feet have that cheesy corn chips kind of smell) and that I had an overgrowth of yeast. So, we started doing weekly foot soaks. My Mum puts White Vinegar, Peroxide and Tea Tree oil in the tub and I stand in the tub for between 10-15 minutes. It’s pretty boring to be honest, but I don’t lick my feet for days afterwards, which is a huge relief. 

As a result of me having all this yeast, my Mum put me on a no veg diet. I was a little constipated at first, so I do get some kale with my breakfast every morning. Thank goodness my food is seriously yummy cause kale is pretty gross. 

home remedies lincoln's world english bulldog rescue
Foot soaking should seriously involve lots of treats???


I arrived at my new home with a really nasty ear infection. The vet put me on antibiotics and I had to have ear drops twice a day too. I hate ear drops! My Mum has LITERALLY cleaned my ears every single day since I moved in. Trust me, this is no small feat – there are few things I hate more than having my ears cleaned. Hate, hate, hate, hate, hate it! Again, my Mum turned to the Google and she just started doing something new. I can’t give a full report on this, as it is still quite new but I can tell you what has happened so far. 

My Mum decided to put 1/4 teaspoon of olive oil in each of my ears. It wasn’t great. I would far rather have both those 1/4 teaspoons of olive oil directly into my mouth. Anyway, the good part was she gave me this awesome massage just under the ears after doing this, which felt great. As soon as she stopped though, I started shaking around like crazy, which apparently is really good, as it loosens some things up inside the ear. 

The theory behind the olive oil is that if there are dust mites in the ears, it will drown them (please tell me I don’t have things living in my ears – EW!!). It also loosens up the waxy build up, making it easier to remove. So, my Mum’s plan is to put olive oil in my ears every other night for a week. She has only done this once so far (oh man, that means I am due round two this evening). I didn’t shake my head or scratch my ears so much yesterday which made my Mum really happy. Also, when she cleaned my ears out last night, so much stuff came out. She has never seen so much come out, so she feels we are on the right track to getting it completely cleared up. 

home remedies lincoln's world english bulldog rescue
One day I will get the olive oil in my mouth… one day


Oh it’s about to get real awkward. No one likes to talk about Butt Scooching. I was trying to do it so discreetly so my pawrents wouldn’t notice, but my Mum is like a hawk with those eyes. Even when she can’t see me, she can see me. How does she do it? So, off we went to the vet. Now as you know, I like a good butt scratch as much as the next guy, so when the vet got into position for a butt scratch, I was so excited. I don’t want to describe what happened next, but lets just say it was the most uncomfortable few minutes of my life, followed by a smell that cleared the room. I heard the vet telling my pawrents that it was really difficult to empty my anal glands (difficult for who??) and that I should come back every six weeks to have this done. 

The following day, I was trying to sneak in a scooch and I saw Mum’s beady eyes land on me. Please don’t take me back to the vet! Thankfully she turned to the Google and out came the grooming box. My pawrents have been doing a great job of cleaning my booty every time I poop, but they didn’t realize they needed to keep it nice and dry. They clean me with baby wipes, but the new routine now includes drying with a fabulously soft cotton towlette. My Mum also got some doggy appropriate Tea Tree cream, which she applied for a few days onto my bum and tail pocket. It’s like miracle stuff! I haven’t scooched once since. Woohoo. No more awkward vet visits! Thank goodness for home remedies. 

lincoln's world english bulldog rescue
It’s been sixteen days since my last scooch

Here is a look at our recent vet charges…

  • Apoquel – £63.38 per month
  • Vet Consult – £28.50 per visit
  • Antibiotics – £93.78
  • Ear drops – £7.52
  • Allergy tests (food not included) £114.12
  • Skin test £17.95
  • Anal glands expressed £6.00 every six weeks

As stated previously, neither I nor my Mum have any medical training and of course if there were something seriously wrong with me, I would be taken straight to the vet. I am writing this just to show that there can be alternative ways of dealing with minor problems other than going to a vet and taking medications. And in fact, in the above situations, my Mum’s home remedies have worked out much better for me than any of the medications have. 

Do you have any home remedies that you have had success with? Is there someone in particular that you follow online to find advice on how to treat your pups? I would love to pass some tips on to my Mum. Thanks so much for reading.

Lots and lots of slobbery kisses,


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