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Healthy Eating – what should your English Bulldog be eating?

Eat Clean, Train Mean. None of this applies to how I like to approach life. My Mum is obsessed with healthy eating and getting me on the right diet for my lifestyle. The last three weeks, I have heard scary words being thrown around – “low fat” and “unsweetened” at the top of the list. I am going to take you on my diet journey of the last three weeks and tell you what I have noticed.

healthy eating lincoln's world english bulldog rescue adopted dog
Train Mean they said…

When I first arrived, I was on a lower quality food (which for legal reasons I shall not name here). On the advice of my dear foster Mother, my pawrents decided to transition me onto a grain free diet. My Mum did all kinds of research and decided that Canagan Salmon Dry Food and Canagan Salmon Wet Food were a good choice for me. My Mum also called up Canagan and worked out exactly how much of each she should be feeding me every day and they were so helpful. We like having support like that (thanks Canagan).

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Click the image to take you to the dog food directory to see how your dog food measures up

As I told you in my previous post, Lincoln’s Favourite Pet Apps, my Mum downloaded the app iKibble Free so that she could look up which foods were good for me to eat. She is always checking that app. My Mum is really into healthy eating and has been adding more fruits and vegetables into my diet. Here’s a list of the things I have tried and my thoughts on them.


As I told you in my previous post, Heat Wave – how to help your English Bulldog cope, watermelon is quite a staple in our household.  I am a little naughty and I don’t really enjoy drinking that much water. To overcome this, my Mum gives me a snack of watermelon most days. Its 91% water, so rehydrates me and its low calories so it wont affect my waistline. 


I loooooove apple. I froth up like crazy every time I eat apple. Recently, I figured out where my Mum keeps the apple in our house – locked in the Harry Potter closet (the pantry below the stairs). Whenever she isn’t looking, I sneak over and try figure out how to get those apples out of the veggie rack. I will keep trying and will let you know when I’ve figured it out. Oh, before I forget, make sure you don’t give your pup the seeds.

healthy eating english bulldog lincoln's world apple dog rescue dogs pet care
I almost forgot my manners when this apple came out. My Mum did make sure to cut out the core.


Oh holy everything that is good in this world. Sweet Potato! I can’t tell you how much I love eating sweet potato, especially when it’s mashed up.  Sweet Potato is a complex carbohydrate, rich in vitamins and minerals. Not only is it high in fibre, it also have a sweet flavor that makes me lose my mind. They are low fat and contain Vitamins  B6, C and manganese. It’s a powerful antioxidant and contains beta-carotene which converts to Vitamin A in our furry bodies which is good for vision, growth and muscle strength. This must mean if I eat enough Sweet Potato I will have muscles like my Dad soon. 


This is where the words unsweetened and low fat really came into play. My Mum wanted me to get all the benefits of active bacteria to help with my digestive system, but she had to make sure that there were no added sugars or artificial sweeteners. Not only is yoghurt delicious, it is also high in calcium and protein. My Dad and I both like FageTotal. Also, it’s good to note that I look super cute with yoghurt all over my face. Here’s a quick video of me trying yoghurt for the first time. (If you haven’t already, hit that subscribe button whilst you’re there)


Bananas have so many amazing properties, where to begin?

  • Vitamins B6 and C
  • Potassium
  • Manganese
  • Fiber

Dogs should eat bananas as a treat and not a regular part of their diets.  Our friend from across the pond told us that bananas are great as a frozen treat. We haven’t tried that just yet, but I cant wait for it to get warmer so we can try that. I wish we didn’t have to stick with the moderation rule on this one, because let’s be honest, bananas are delicious! Banana makes healthy eating pleasant. 


My pawrents are obsessed with coconut oil. Shortly after I moved in, my Mum heard about all the amazing benefits of coconut oil for dogs. It improves digestions, helps clear up any skin issues, makes our coats beautiful and glossy, prevents yeast and fungal infections, improves doggy order and many more great benefits. I have one teaspoon of coconut oil in each meal. Currently I eat twice a day (believe me, if I could increase on that I would!). Even friends of ours have noticed the change in my coat. I am now silky soft and very shiney. 

healthy eating bulldog english lincoln's world rescue dog dogs pet care
Look how my athleticism has increased since eating more fruits and veggies

Do you have any healthy eating tips or a food you think I should try? Comment below and we will try some of the good ones out.  Thanks so much for reading and hope to see you again soon xxx

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  1. In your latest post you say it’s important to remove the core if you’re going to feed your dog apple. Why? Obviously the seeds are harmful but HOW harmful is it?

    1. Hi David, my resources say apple seeds contain cyanide which is toxic to dogs. It does say they have to ingest a large amount to cause harm but I figure it’s easy enough to just cut it up for him. He’s taking the saying “an apple a day….” way too literally, so better safe than sorry 🐾💞🐾💞

    1. Thanks so much – he insists on writing all his own posts 🐾💞🐾💞

  2. This is great. I had a bulldog who was crazy for strawberries. If he even smelled them in a grocery store bag, he’d go berserk. So funny! He also had a lot of food allergies, so we really had to watch him. Great advice.

    1. That’s hilarious about the strawberries. I haven’t given Lincoln them yet but can’t wait to see his reaction. He has figured out where we keep the apples and when the door is open he makes a beeline for the apples and gets so excited, wagging his little tail and looking at me like “you know these are just sitting here right?”. So cute 🐾💞🐾💞

    1. Ah lovely. What kind of dog do you have? 🐾💞🐾💞

    1. That’s awesome! Many people think feeding your dog fruit is crazy but it makes for a healthier pup if they have all these healthy fruits and veg in their diet. 🐾💞🐾💞

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