Fun Facts about Me

Hello everyone. Thanks for stopping by my blog. To help you get to know me better, I have filled in this form that my Mum made for me so you can get some quick fun facts about who I am. As you will soon find out, I am too lazy to be private, so if there is anything you would like to know, just send me your questions and I will get back to you.. eventually.

lincoln's world bulldog english rescue fun facts

Name – Lincoln Frederick Whittaker the First

Nicknames – Linc, Chunky Monkey, Pig-Dog (need to find out why I’m called that!), Lin-Coney

Breed – English Bulldog

Birthday – 15 April

Weight – 28 kgs

Occupation –  Full Time Blogger and Couch Potato

If I wasn’t a full time blogger, I would be – A dog food critic

My Favorite Activity – Cuddling my Pawrents or playing with my Kong Bone

My Favorite Toy – Kong Bone and Grubber Ball

My Favorite Food – Peamutt Butter – especially when its put all over my Kong Bone – yum yum!

Best friend – Bentley – he doesn’t say much but he’s a good listener.

When Im not blogging, eating or sleeping, I like to – take very short walks with my pawrents.

Pet peeve – Julian.the.damn.squirrell. He is always up in my garden, eating the bird food, ruining my view. He torments me.

What makes me unique – I was born deaf.I actually didn’t know I was deaf until quite recently, cause I just thought the world was just lovely and quiet. There are a lot of myths surrounding deaf dogs, so let me just set the record straight quickly…

  1. I’m not aggressive towards people. I welcome a butt scratch from anyone.
  2. Barking… Just because I cant hear it, doesn’t mean I don’t use my voice.
  3. Yes I do make some strange sounds, but otherwise I bark normally.
  4. I like to be woken up gently (who in their right mind doesn’t?). I can startle easily so I like to see people before they touch me. Usually my Mum just leaves me to wake up in my own time.
  5. I speak sign language but I am also quite good at reading facial expressions. My mum says Im better at reading facial expressions than sign language, but thats just her opinion – I think Im great at both.
  6. When my pawrents need to catch my attention, they just stomp on the floor (I feel the vibrations) or they wave frantically like lunatics (sometimes when I cant be bothered, I pretend not to notice).
  7. My pawrents talk to me constantly. I can tell because their mouths are constantly moving. Maybe its a blessing I cant hear them, it seems like Mum would wear me out with her Chatty Cathy ways.

What I think is my best quality – athleticism

What my Mum loves most about me – sweet gentle nature

What my Dad loves most about me – that I just want to love them so much

lincoln's world english bulldog rescue fun facts
Me trying to work on my blog, but Mamma just wants to cuddle


I hope you enjoyed reading these fun facts about me. Are there any fun facts about you that you would like to share with me? I would love to know. If you would like to read my previous post on living with a deaf dog click here.

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