Lincoln’s Favourite Pet Apps

It’s so hard to keep up with todays technology. I am quite new to the Pet technology game, but I thought I would share my pawrents favourite pet apps with you. Of course, this list does not include the usual social media apps, like FacebookInstagramYouTubeTwitter or Pinterest (which of course, I am a big fan of). I know we all spend way too much time on our iPhones these days, but here are some apps that we love and find really useful. 

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After a long day on the Facebook

Petcoach is an amazing app. Its kind of like social media for vets. You sign up on the app, and you put all your pet’s information in and then if you have any questions, you can post them on the app and you will get an answer from a real live vet. How amazing is that? My Mum posted a question on the app last week (after a trip to the vet) and within half an hour a lovely vet had replied. You can also search for common questions that people have asked before. This is such a handy tool, especially if you have a Mum who worries a lot. I know it put my Mum’s mind at ease. 

pet coach pet apps favorite rescue bulldog dog care lincoln's world
Here is a question my Mum posted and a reply from Dr. Lauren. Click the image to go directly to the app.


         2. IKIBBLE FREE

I don’t know about you guys, but my Mum is always talking about eating healthy and getting my fruits and veggies in. Well, we all know that not all human foods are so good for dogs. So, we got the iKibble Free app, which has a list of pretty much any food you can think of and whether it’s safe to feed to your furry friend or not. We have this open all the time! The app even allows you to save a favourites list for quick referencing. 

iKibble app pet apps care dog bulldogs rescue adopt lincoln's world
Here you can see some of my favourite foods on the right. Click the image to go directly to the app.


3. DS CAM 

I like to refer to this app as the SpyCam. My slightly overbearing pawrents installed a camera right above my pen so they could check on me from within the house. Its like I am literally living a Reality Show! They can check up on me at any time, and take screenshots if they think I am doing something cute. My Mum said she feels better when she goes to the gym and is able to check that I am ok (stalk much Mum?).  FYI, they use the Amcrest View Pro app when they are not in the house to access the SpyCam. (DS Cam is an app that specifically works with a Synology NAS drive. They use this drive primarily for their photography work, but it has the added benefit of acting as a server for their Amcrest IP camera, aka SpyCam).

ds cam pet apps lincoln's world bulldog english british rescue adopted
Are no moments sacred? Click the image to go directly to the app.
Amcrest HD Pro
To view the SpyCam, click here


What are your favourite pet apps? i would love to know. I am always on the look out for some new pet apps that will make our lives easier. Leave a comment below to let me know which ones I should be checking out.

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Synology DS916+ 4 Bay Desktop NAS Enclosure
Synology NAS Drive – click the image to view more information on this
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