Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day everyone. I hope you all celebrated in style and spoilt your Dads rotten. I have only had my Dad for three weeks, but what a three weeks it’s been. My Dad is the most patient person I have ever met. He is so sweet and kind to me and never loses his temper. Also, to be honest, he is completely wrapped around my finger and I guess I’ve been known to take advantage of that. 

father's day dad bulldog rescue adopted lincoln's world dog pet
I love a good cuddle with my Dad

I knew I needed to do something special to celebrate my Dad on Father’s Day. I don’t get an allowance (remind me to look into that!) so I decided I would try my paws at some Arts and Crafts. Luckily, I am signed up on Pinterest so I went ahead and looked for some cute ideas. It sure is amazing what you can find on Pinterest. If you haven’t, please go ahead and follow me on Pinterest by clicking here.

We decided we were going to get a photo frame and put my paw prints inside the frame. My pawrents are really into photos and there are a lot of frames around our house so I was pretty sure my Dad would like that. My Mum found the frame at Sainsbury’s and snuck into Home Base to buy some craft paint. Getting me to do the paw prints was quite the ordeal. I wasn’t entirely sure about having paint on my paws – I had a serious grooming session earlier in the day and was worried this was going to affect that. 


Ok, so I think its safe to say my Dad LOVED his Father’s Day gift. He’s such a softie. I hope you enjoyed my video. If you did anything special for Father’s Day or if you have done some arts and crafts with your pawrents, I would love to hear all about it, so please comment below. 

Father's day bulldog dog rescue adopted lincoln's world
My home made Father’s day gift

Thanks for reading and watching, hope to see you soon xx

lincoln's world bulldog rescue dog pet

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