Dog Photography – some tips from an English Bulldog

Hi everyone. I hope you have all had a wonderful weekend. As you know, I live with two photographers. They love taking photos of me. I feel like almost every second of my time with them has been documented. I thought I would give you some dog photography tips from my point of view. Don’t you think I should be regarded as an expert by now? 

dog photography english bulldog lincoln's world
Why does my Dad always get sleeping shots? People must think I don’t do much work, but I have a lot of responsibility around here.


This is my most important dog photography tip! You never know when we are going to do something extremely cute so make sure you are prepared. My Dad keeps his Sony A7R II ready to go at a moments notice in our living room. Of course, these days, mobile phones have amazing cameras built in – whatever you are using to shoot with, make sure you always have it ready.

dog photography english bulldog lincoln's world
Click here to find out more about my Dads camera


My house has nice big windows in the living room, and conveniently one right above my bed. I wonder if they planned that? Although it’s not always possible, try to position your gorgeous subject close to a natural light source. The most important thing about pawtography is capturing the moment. So if your pup is doing something adorable in a dark spot of your home, snap away! Make sure you get that special moment. But for the more planned out shots, try to use your windows. 

dog photography english bulldog lincoln's world
Do they work at all whilst I’m asleep????


This is one of the hardest ones, but try to have an uncluttered background. I’m lucky because I look really cute against hard wood floors and we just so happen to have these. The grey of our couch also makes my fur pop. I have noticed my pawrents will angle the camera in certain ways to cut out any clutter that might be in the background. You also never know what cute angle of your pup you might catch. 

dog photography rescue english bulldog lincoln's world
Rules are meant to be broken… this is an example of good clutter.


I heard my Mum say the other day “you should never work with animals or children”. I am pretty sure she was joking. Surely she was, right? If I were a hearing dog, my pawrents would probably use a squeak toy to get my attention and get me to look at the camera. Being a deaf dog, that’s not a good option for us. So, we cheat. My dad will usually be holding the camera and will be signing to me “I want to cuddle you”. My Mum is usually behind me giving my butt a good scratch. They count down and at the last second my Mum jumps out of frame. If you want a more posed look, I would recommend taking your dog for a nice long walk and then trying when they are a little tuckered out. 

dog photography english bulldog lincoln's world
I’m sure Mum was scratching my butt right before this one

Here are some other pups my pawrents have photographed (how dare they!). I am not good at giving my Mum messages, so if you would like to find out about having your dog photographed by my pawrents, just click the image below and it will take you to their website where you can contact my Mum. 

dog photography english bulldog lincoln's world
I feel so betrayed.

My final tip for the day is to remember to put your cameras/phones away and enjoy the moments with your dogs. Having a pet forces you to spend more time in the present, which I think we can all use a little more of these days. 

Do you have any dog photography tips? Let me know your experiences photographing your dogs. I probably missed out a lot of tips, but I am just a three year old English bulldog afterall. Thanks for reading everyone.

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    1. His name is Lincoln – it’s his blog. Thanks for reading xxx

  1. Oh my! You have such a cute dog! Thanks for sharing your techniques. I don’t have a dog, but I know a lot of people that struggles to take nice pictures.

    1. Ah thanks so much! We are obsessed with taking photos of our little guy 🐾💞🐾💞

    1. You should def take pics of your Yorkie! They are such cuteys xxx

  2. One trick is to lay down on my stomach, so I’m the right height and angle for puppy pics. Love seeing pics of you Lincoln. Your a handsome boy and the pawrents capture your personality well. Thanks for the tips!

    1. Such a good trick! Thanks so much. We all love your IG account in this household. Especially Lincoln – he knows you always have his back 🐾💞🐾💞

  3. I’m sure he does have a lot of responsibilities, dinner parties to attend and a million things to do but he sure looks so cute when he sleeps!

    1. He says he feels like the general dogs body with his work load 🐾💞🐾💞

  4. What a love bucket….I know a few ppl that have a Bulldog that’s deaf. I know one that is extremely smart . Bless your heart for keeping Lincoln. I love furbaby parents that will take this challenge and provide the best care possible. God bless. I’m the owner of English Bulldogs With A Love, page and group’s, English Bulldog Love and Save the English Bulldog.
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    Good luck with this lover boy. A blessing! 😍💙💜🙇

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