Deaf Dog Training – Sign Language Ups and Downs

So by now you all know that I am a deaf dog. As I was rescued at the age of three years old, when I moved into my forever home, I came with some training and some sign language. Before being adopted, I was in foster care and my lovely foster Mum has had a lot of experience with deaf bulldogs. She did such a wonderful job with training me. This made it much easier on my completely inexperienced pawrents. 

deaf dog bulldog rescue adopt adopted english lincoln's world
Im very eager to learn new things

Like with all dogs, this deaf dog need to keep up with his training. Being an English Bulldog, I also have to watch my waistline – especially now with summer fast approaching. Therefor I need to limit the number of treats I have in a day. I have this amazing ball, which I am quite obsessed with so we use that sometimes to work on my training.  Here is a video of my Dad working on the “Sit” command, as well as a new one which I haven’t quite mastered yet – “leave”.

Of course, things don’t always go as well as planned.  You probably already know how stubborn English Bulldogs are. Well, I am no different. When I am not in the mood to do something, you will be hard pressed to convince me otherwise.  Here is a quick video of my Mum trying to get me to come to her (does she know how ridiculous that hand signal is?).

Do any of you have a deaf dog? Do you have any tips on training that you can share with us? If so, please be sure to leave us a comment – trust me, my pawrents need all the help they can get. I have learnt three new signs since I’ve been in my new home. I am working on a couple new ones at the moment, but they are quite confusing.

Thanks for reading and watching – if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my Youtube channel. I post videos almost daily on what I have been getting up to.  Thanks and see you soon xxx

deaf dog bulldog english rescue adopt lincoln's world

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