Bulldog Lincoln sees himself on TV – watch his reaction

Hi Everyone… Today, I was being a lazy bulldog (nothing unusual there). I had been for a nice long walk in the country side and was having my mid morning nap when I opened my eyes and saw that the TV was on. Watching TV is one of my favorite things and I can become mesmerized for hours by nature programs. Although, to be honest, I really hate wolves. They are like dogs, but meaner and scarier. If I ever woke up to find a wolf on the television, I would probably lose my mind. 

bulldog lincoln english rescue adopted british
I love being on the couch

Anyway, I digress. I woke up from my nap and saw a bulldog running through fields. I must admit, the fields looked vaguely familiar, but I have never seen that bulldog in my life. This was my reaction to the video; 

Imagine my surprise when my Mum told me that I was actually watching myself on television. How on earth did I get there? My Mum had been showing my Dad a video of me from just that morning. Please let me know how your dogs react to seeing themselves or other dogs on TV? Is their reaction the same as mine? I would love to know. 

Here is a quick shot of me from that morning walk. My Mum made me walk up the highest hill in the whole county.  Mum says I become a different little bulldog when we go on our walks. At home, I like to be quite mellow, but once I get going on my walk I am full of beans.When I moved into my new home, I was only used to walking for five minutes at a time. Now I am doing at least half an hour at a time. 

bulldog british english lincoln rescue dog pet
I love carrying my own lead when I walk

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bulldog rescue lincoln english british adopted

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