Bulldog gone crazy – Lincoln’s struggle with the heat wave

Did anyone else struggle as much as I did with this recent heat wave we went through in England. I was full blown bulldog gone crazy. I wasn’t allowed to spend too much time outside. We even tried to go out first thing in the morning, but it was already too hot when I woke up. So, I did what any bulldog would do – I went crazy. 

bulldog gone crazy english lincoln's world rescue dog puppy
Puppy Prison – #pimpmycrib

My Mum had to get quite creative to keep me in check that week and at the same time still get her work done (shouldn’t I just be her work?). I ate a lot of watermelon, which I must admit I have become a little obsessed with – so much so that the smell of a new one brought into the house sends me into a bit of a crazy fit. I may or may not have pulled a chair over trying to get at a brand new watermelon. Did I mention bulldog gone crazy? 

Here’s a quick video of me really getting my crazy on last week.

Yes, I did actually break my bed. My Mum wasn’t too thrilled at me, but I know her secret – she can’t get mad at my face. I give her this special look when I sense she’s getting angry with me. I look up all innocently, make sure my snaggle tooth is exposed and she just melts. She’s such a sucker! Here’s another look at me continuing with the bulldog crazy. 

I would like to know how do you help your dogs deal with boring days inside? Let me know if you have any entertainment tricks you can share with me or even any bulldog gone crazy stories? If you missed my post on how to help your Bulldog cope with the heat, be sure to click here. Thanks for reading, and I hope to see you soon xxx

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