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August Favourites – what Lincoln enjoyed most this month

Hello Everyone. Wow, another month down, which means another month closer to Christmas! This month has gone by so fast for me and my family. We have been so busy with work, we haven’t been up to too many adventures this month, but I still managed to fill out my August Favourites list. 


A couple weeks ago, just after I had been to visit the vet, I wasn’t feeling so great. My good friend Dozer called me all the way from the United States to check up on me – isn’t that so sweet? He did show off a little with his good manners and training skills (I saw Mum getting ideas there), but it was an awesome call and I hope we get to do it again soon. 


For weeks now, my Mum and I have been seeing these gorgeous cows in the field where we love to go running. If you watched my Day In The Life video, you will remember us pretty much running away from them. Well, we finally managed to get really close to them and it was such a wonderful experience. They were so curious about me, and watched my every mooooove. I think if my Mum got to write an August Favourites list, this one would be right at the top for her. She really loves cows and loved this experience so much. If you missed the video, click here to watch. 

August Favourites Lincoln's World bulldog rescue dog Lincoln
Look how they are all watching me


I learnt how to swim this month. The first time, we were on a walk and we came across a really shallow part of the river. My Mum let me go in, but she was really cautious and wouldn’t let me go far. I realized that I LOVE water! Just a couple days ago, we found an even better place to swim and play. If you are a fan of watching me doing silly things in slow motion, be sure to watch this video. My Mum is hoping to drag my Dad out to this spot for a photo shoot with me soon. 


As you may know we finalized our Airbnb this month (hence all the work!). In the lead up to getting this all done, we got loads of Amazon deliveries. Have you guys ever tried sleeping in a box? Well… I have and I am here to tell you they are the business! Not only are the fun to play with and tear up, they are super comfy as well. Next time you get a delivery, make sure you give this a try, you will not regret it! 

August Favourites amazon Lincoln's World bulldog Lincoln rescue dog
Um… yes please!


My fitness levels are pretty high at the moment, and I am running every day with my Mum. I love running, especially when I am off the lead. I love when I can get my Mum outside and running with me, cause it clears her head and I can see how much fun she has. Some days I even have to drag her out twice a day. 

Lincoln's World Lincoln English Bulldog rescue dog August Favourites
Come on Mum! Try keep up!

Well, that’s my August Favourites list. No matter what I do each month, my favourite thing is always family time. I love being with my family more than anything. I asked my Mum put together a collage of her favourite photos from this past month – it took her forever to make this, cause they take so many photos of me (they’re obsessed!). 

Lincoln's World Lincoln bulldog rescue dog
August Favourites…

What were your August Favourites? Were there any of my adventures that didn’t make the list? I would love to hear from you. Have a great day everyone, thanks for reading. Lots of love and slobbery kisses xxx

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  1. So glad I’m on The Lincoln Bus Of Fun!! Always a treat to see Lord Lincoln strutting and Prancing around his neighborhood and out in the fields find new adventures to share with ALL HIS FANS!! Way to go Laura and Henry….despite your schedules being quite hectic it’s such a pleasure and blessing to see the time and patience and LOVE you have for your Boy….and thank you ever so much for making the effort to share these adventures with Lincoln’s ever growing Fan Followers….Cheers

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