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Assistant Pawtographer – my first day on the job

Hi Everyone, hope you are all having an amazing weekend. If you aren’t following me on social media, you might not know that I got promoted this past week to assistant Pawtographer. As you already know, my pawrents are both photographers and so they finally made it official. I am part of the team. I had my first photoshoot yesterday. Nobody told me how much work I would have to be doing!

assistant pawtographer lincoln's world english bulldog rescue dog
Making sure my Dad gets the right angles

My first job as assistant pawtographer was a maternity photo shoot. We travelled to the Cotswold Lavender farm in Worcestershire. This was the longest car drive I have been on with my pawrents, but we just got a new car hammock this week, which is amazing! I used to wear a seat belt in the car, but I love to move around and would often get tangled up. My Mum was so scared that I would fall down the footwell with the seatbelt wrapped around me. So my Dad did some research and found this amazing hammock. It comes up on the sides as well, so there is no way I can fall now. I love it. I like to roll around in it when I get in the car. It has also given my pawrents peace of mind that I am safe, so it’s a win win. 

dog car hammock lincoln's world rescue dog english bulldog
Click the image to see more details on my hammock

If you have ever wanted to see the Lavender fields, I highly recommend taking a trip to Cotswold Lavender. The fields are just absolutely gorgeous and best bit of all… they are dog friendly! As long as you keep your dog on a lead and clean up after your dog. I met a lot of tourists whilst I was there and had my photo taken with so many of them. I don’t think they understood that I was there to work. 

bulldog lincoln's world english dog rescue
We are proud to be supporting this project to raise money for the Long Island Bulldog Rescue. Use the code “LINCSWORLD” on checkout.

The photoshoot went so well. The couple that were being photographed were such naturals at it. They were also so nice to me and Rod even spent time playing with me. I may have climbed over some lavender a couple of times to get to him, but that just means I smell amazing now. Here is a behind the scenes shot of the shoot yesterday that my Mum took. You can’t see me, but I am just to the left of my Dad making sure he is getting the shot just right. 

maternity photo shoot behind the scenes lincoln's world
Aren’t these pics going to be just gorgeous? Can’t wait to edit them.

I have been sleeping pretty hard since the shoot, but today I am off to scout a location for my next shoot this coming week. I am so glad that my pawrents made me their assistant pawtographer because it means I can now go to work with them instead of staying at home. If you are interested in a photoshoot with yours truly, please do get in touch

assistant pawtographer lincoln's world english bulldog rescue dog

Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Love and slobbery kisses xxx

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  1. INHALES DEEPLY…..AHHHHHHHH Lavender Lincoln !!! Wonderful Post Master Lincoln and as always Thank you for keeping your Fan Base up to date!! And very cool hammock to ride in when traveling in the car! I remember as a kid when we had my first Bulldog me and my siblings would lie down on the Volkswagen Floor Board of our vehicle and “ride” with our Bullys! We’d talk to them and love on them so they would be more comfortable….but now days it’s like Riding with Royalty …good for you and your pawrents don’t have to fret anymore!! Have a wonderful Week end and remember to tell your pawrents that MOAN-DAYS (Monday) are needed so we can have the rest of the week too….Smiles and ~~~Waves~~~ from Ohio…Cheers

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