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Adventures – what Lincoln has been doing lately

Hi Everyone. Happy Hump Day. I hope you are all surviving this week. I have had quite a busy week and thought I would tell you about my adventures. As I shared with you the other day, I have been promoted to Assistant Pawtographer of my pawrents Photography business. Part of my job is to scout new locations for upcoming photo shoots. We have one this Friday, so I took my pawrents to a potential spot, and of course I nailed it. 

adventures english bulldog lincoln's world rescue dog
I think this is a great spot guys

After finding this amazing location, we went for a lovely walk along the canal. It started pouring rain, which I thought was amazing. I invented a new rain game which is easy to play. All you have to do is hit as many puddles as you can and furthermore, see how much mud you can get on your belly. I am excellent at this game. Here is a video of me walking along playing it…

This little trip has prompted my pawrents to buy me a diaper bag (a diaper bag!!!!) that will contain cleaning products, towels etc. My Dad ended up cleaning me with his shirt as he had just had the car cleaned a couple of days before. I didn’t see any mud on either of my Pawrents so I definitely won the game. I must teach them how to play properly. After all that fun, we went home and I went for my first bath in my new home. When I first moved in, they took me to the groomers. I am not sure why we haven’t gone back there. I knew my Mum was nervous about leaving me with the groomers so I barked continuously (and as loud as I could) to let her know I was ok. 

I have also been quite busy doing some guest blog posts. My new one come out yesterday on The Dog’s With Me on the benefits of bringing a Rescue Dog into your life. I know my pawrents would definitely agree that we have had some amazing adventures since they brought me into their lives. 

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Click the image to read my article

We have quite a busy weekend ahead of us, with lots of shoots. I am going to spend the rest of the day napping to save up as much energy as I possible can. If you have been following my YouTube Channel, you will notice that we have made some changes on there. I told my pawrents that it was time to make it look a little more professional, whilst still keeping my quirky style. I would love to know your thoughts on the changes. 

Thanks so much for reading, and if you haven’t already, please be sure to subscribe to my blog so you can keep up to date with all my adventures. Lots of love and slobbery kisses xx

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