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2018 Doggy Calendar

Hey Everyone, we have finally settled on the pics for our 2018 Doggy Calendar. The photo shoot was absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really attend much of the shoot cause I am still working on my socialization. My Mum took lots of video so I could see all the dogs in action. Everyone did such a great job and we have finally finished editing all the photos. If you didn’t catch the video of the shoot here is it…

So now, it is down to a public vote for who will get the cover of the Doggy Calendar. You can vote both on the Lincoln’s World Facebook page, as well as The Dogs With Me Facebook page. Here is a look at all the pics….


These two little cuteys were so full of energy and fun during their shoot. To vote for them for the cover, click here.


As Ari was staying with us for the weekend of the shoot, we got a couple different opportunities to photograph him, and he never disappoints. He is such a sweet boy who will do anything for his ball. Ari and I are exempt from the Doggy Calendar cover vote but I still wanted to share our pics with you all.  


Lula was so much fun to photograph. She was so good at running around and took direction well. We even had her down by the river playing in the water. To vote for Lula, click here


Bruno and Zeus were our best dressed of the day in their gorgeous little bow ties. They brought their little sister Esme’ along for the shoot, which was so much fun. To vote for Bruno and Zeus, click here


Rosie was such a sweetheart and very motivated by her chicken treats. To vote for Rosie, click here.  


Look at those faces! Full of energy, these two gorgeous girls kept us all laughing throughout their shoot. To vote for Skye & Hedi, click here


Bertie and his family were full of energy! Bertie’s mum had done a 5km run that morning, not realizing how much running she would be doing during the shoot. To vote for Bertie, click here


Look at little Benji? What a cute little boy. He was so well behaved during his shoot. To vote for Benji, click here


How handsome is Rocky? Such a sweet boy who was full of energy thanks to his new raw food diet. To vote for Rocky, click here


Look how photogenic Buddy is! Buddy was bursting with energy for his shoot and gave us all a good giggle. To vote for Buddy, click here


What can we say about Pongo? Pongo played in the water for ages. He was so full of energy and happy to keep catching sticks. He also brought along his sister, Leila and brother Austin, who got in on some of the photos too. To vote for Pongo, click here


Cayden was such a sweet boy. He is a gun dog in training, so he was so well behaved and good at obeying commands. To vote for Cayden, click here


I was an amazing little model. I surprised even my pawrents. Of course, giving me commands is a little harder as I can’t hear, but i am quite motivated when there is a treat on the line. 

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Voting for the 2018 Doggy Calendar Cover will end on Friday, the 20th of October. The calendars will be for sale both Lincs World as well as The Dogs With Me website. Thanks again to everyone who entered the competition, we are so excited to see the final product.

doggy calendar

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