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2018 Doggy Calendar design has been finalised

Hey Everyone, I hope you are all doing well. I know I have been really quiet lately and I am so sorry about that. I have had my hands full supervising my pawrents and also designing our 2018 Doggy Calendar. It is finally ready and I am so excited to show it to you all. 

lincoln's world english bulldog dog rescue photography calendar

If you have been following along since we started our search for our model doggies, we literally had thousands and thousands of entrants. The combined reach of the Facebook ad we did with The Dogs With Me was over three hundred thousand. Can you believe that? It’s just insane! I wont lie, I didn’t really appreciate having my Mum staring at thousands and thousands of photos of dogs for about a week straight, but I got through it. 

The Doggy Shoots were so much fun, well my  portion of it was anyway. I got to eat tons and tons of treats that day. I’ve told my pawrents that I will happily model for them anytime if I can have that many treats again. Usually my Mum is quite strict about this silly diet I am on, but not that day! Aw, can’t we have that day every day? 

lincoln's world english bulldog dog rescue
I’m not sure why I had to search or jump on this log for my treat, but anyway….

Here are some more shots of me from that day… wow I really worked hard for my treats.

lincoln's world english bulldog dog rescue

We had a Facebook public vote to see which pup would get the cover, and the beautiful Rosie won with a staggering amount of votes. Don’t you think she makes the perfect Cover Girl? 

lincoln's world english bulldog rescue dog

My Mamma wouldn’t let me enter myself into the cover vote because she selfishly wanted me to be her birthday month pup, so Ladies and Gentleman, you are reading the words of Mr. June. If you missed the video of us photographing all these gorgeous dogs, you can watch it here

If you would like to order your own version of this calendar, or if you need some Christmas stocking ideas, you can pre-order yours here. Pre-Orders will take place from now until the 15th of November, 2017. The prices on the calendars are as follows; 

1 Calendar = £9.99 (plus postage)
3 Calendars = £8.99 per calendar (plus postage) 
5 Calendars = £7.99 per calendar (plus postage) 
10 Calendars = £6.99 per calendar (plus postage) 

Thanks so much to everyone who has been following my journey on my different social media platforms and for watching all my YouTube videos. I actually got my first salary cheque from YouTube this month, which made me really proud. If you haven’t already, please will you subscribe to my channel so I can make enough money to make my own treats and not have to rely on my modelling skills. Have  wonderful weekend everyone xxx


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